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Sazova Pond will be clean with probiotics

Probiotic application is carried out in Sazova Science, Culture and Art Park pond, which is one of the attraction centers in Eskişehir.

One of the joyful attraction centers brought to Eskişehir by the Metropolitan Municipality Sazova ScienceCulture ve Art park pondinde probioticPerforming  implementation.

Presidency of the Turkish Biologists Association, Eskişehir Branch of the Turkish Biologists Association, Mikromiks Biyoteknoloji A.Ş. and Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, probiotic application is carried out free of charge in Sazova Science, Culture and Art Park  pond . It is aimed to make the Sazova Science, Culture and Art Park pond cleaner after the application of probiotics, which is completely domestic and national production, which does not harm the environment.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is at Work!

Turkish Biologists Association made a free bacterial cocktail application against nasty odors in Akyurt Güzelhisar Pond.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and Department of Environmental Protection also made great efforts to make Güzelhisar Pond cleaner.

Production of Bacteria Cocktail is a TUBITAK supported project. As a result of nine years of work, Ege University Technopark firm  Mikromiks Biyoteknoloji A.Ş. Produced by  .


Mikromiks Biotechnology was among the successful projects of the Green and Blue Transformation Financial Support Program. 

Mikromiks Biotechnology Research and Development Inc., one of our Ege University Technopark Companies, has been included in the list of successful projects in the Green and Blue Transformation Financial Support program financed by İzmir Development Agency.
The goal of the Green and Blue Transformation Program is to reduce the environmental pressure faced by the TR31 İzmir Region, to increase the economic resilience in the region, and to adopt an approach that takes into account future generations in the use of natural resources, by entrepreneurs and producers, and “sustainable production techniques” and To implement "pioneering, original and exemplary (3Ö)" projects in the fields of "indigenization of sustainable production methods and equipment".
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